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Hi, I'm Joey Borden - creator of the Hybrid VSL Formula.  Over the last 10 years my videos have helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for my clients. I'd love to help you get results like that...

If you've ever tried hiring someone online to help with your marketing videos... I feel your pain.  

I've had new clients reach out to me in a panic when they heard that I could save their failing project. The self-proclaimed "Social Media Expert" they had hired to get the job done... well, it turned out they had talked a big game but when it came time to deliver the goods - their work was either embarrassingly bad or they'd stopped responding to the client's emails altogether.

Unfortunately, this kind of story is all too common when it comes to hiring freelancers online. Sure, you could hire a professional video crew to help with your marketing videos... but let's be honest: most of them don't have a clue when it comes to creating a video that converts

So you're left with the daunting task of "Doing It Yourself". Late nights trying to figure out how to resize an image or line up your voiceover. Wasted time that you'll never get back. As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of delegating tasks - but getting your video right is just too crucial to leave in the hands of someone who doesn't understand.  

I get it! I earned my stripes creating videos that had to turn viewers into paying customers - my income literally depended on it. While I'm known for creating Hybrid VSLs, I'm also a bit of a hybrid myself. One part filmmaker and one part marketer. What other video editor do you know that keeps his dog-eared copy of 'Words That Sell' within arms reach (if they've even heard of it in the first place)? This is more than a paycheck to me... it's a passion. 

When you're ready to create your next VSL Masterpiece - you know who to turn to.  

👏 Client Feedback and Reviews:

I've been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing companies and individuals over the years. One of the best parts about working with them... they always seem to have more of it! 

*Each person listed below has hired me for multiple projects.

Client Feedback and Reviews:

I've been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing companies and individuals over the years. One of the best parts about working with them... they always seem to have more of it! 

*Each person listed below has hired me for multiple projects.

🧾 Project Details and Pricing:

Video projects can get complicated... but that doesn't mean the prices have to be confusing.

If you're in need of a custom project - I'd love to help you out.  I have a number of services available, so a custom quote is needed for those projects. 

When you fill out the short questionnaire linked below, I'll let you know what kind of investment is needed to bring your vision to life.  

The Hybrid VSL Is Born...

In 2009, I started creating Hybrid VSLs. I had just spent the last few years working as an independent filmmaker - mostly traveling around the world on tour with bands or shacked up in a recording studio, documenting the process of a new album being tracked. This was a fun, creative, and eye-opening experience for me.  And I've gotta admit - when I was 20 years old it was pretty cool to walk into a Best Buy and see one of my DVDs for sale. Eventually though, I realized that life on the road wasn't my ideal long-term career.

Around this time, one of the band members I'd been on tour with told me about a childhood friend of his that was "making a lot of money online".  My curiosity piqued, I reached out to his friend and learned all about affiliate marketing, SEO, and AdWords... it was a whole new world to me.  I didn't know it then, but this one connection would eventually change my entire life.

After a year of learning the ropes online, I flew out to Las Vegas to meet my first client. At the time - he didn't know who I was or that I was even trying to meet with him. He was speaking at a conference and I figured if I could get a couple minutes in-person to pitch him on my services, he'd sign up on the spot.  Well, after getting off the stage he made a beeline for the exit.

What happened next could have been a scene from a movie. The conference was taking place at an upscale hotel on the strip and required a room key to use the elevators.  I wasn't staying at the hotel so I had no business going near them. But when I saw my future client entering the open doors of an awaiting elevator - I knew that now was my chance and hurried past the hotel security guard. This was going to be a real life elevator pitch. 

I quickly told the confused man in the elevator that I was a filmmaker and that I thought I could make some really great videos for him.  He was nice, but informed me that he already had someone flying out to his house to create a documentary for him.  "Who?" I asked, trying not to sound too dejected. He told me it was the guy who was filming the conference and that I'd probably seen him earlier. I had and was not impressed. From the little I'd noticed of him... I knew that this guy was not up to par for this kind of work. 

Just before we reached my new friend's floor - I told him that I could do a way better job than the person he'd already hired.  He laughed, but rather than brushing me off, he told me to email him some of my work.  One week later he was picking me up at an airport in the middle of North Dakota.  I was going to make that documentary. 

For the next week, we filmed during the day and I edited at night.  By the time I left, we had a finished video we were both happy with and I figured I had more future work coming my way. The video we created turned out to boost both our careers. Conversions went up in his business but more importantly, other leaders in his field started to take notice of this small town guy from the Midwest, named Mark Hoverson.  He got invited to speak at more conferences, created his own products and started hosting his own events. I was along for the ride, joining him in Florida, Hawaii, California, and even moved to Arizona to work more closely with him. 

Within a few months of releasing the video - and by some crazy, weird coincidence - Mark was going to be hosting a small weekend event in San Diego with none other than the person who had introduced me to online marketing in the first place. The same guy my friend had told me about over a year ago.  We hit it off immediately and I soon had my second client.  His name was Jonathan Budd.  He was young, charismatic, successful, and made things happen at a pace I've seen few others capable of keeping up with. 

Shortly after leaving the event, Jonathan had his first assignment for me. "Can you make a video for a new system I'm launching?" I dove headfirst into the project and started learning everything I could about Keynote, After Effects, and Apple Motion. I wanted this video to be different than anything I'd seen online...

Using a combination of on-screen text, animation, and graphics I put together my first Hybrid VSL for Jonathan. The work didn't slow down and I was soon producing videos that were outperforming his on-camera sales videos.  Within a year, he'd paid me close to $50,000... just for VSLs.  

It's been almost 10 years and my Hybrid VSLs are still crushing the competition.  And even though I've worked on hundreds of projects - I'm constantly learning new methods to improve my videos.  When I'm not editing, you can find me looking through the latest stock footage sites or hunting down the perfect music track for my next project.  

If you're interested in learning more about my Hybrid VSLs and how they can help save you time and money - click the button below to get in touch with me.

"We spawned an era of video marketing that took over the web. We mastered our craft together. It's truly incredible what a solid team can do..."

-Jonathan Budd | CEO of Powur

"Joey’s videos not only look amazing, but I know from first hand experience that his VSLs outperform the competition. Once I started using  Joey’s VSL for the same offer - conversions went through the roof."

-Justin Verrengia | 7-Figure Affiliate Marketer

"Joey is my go-to guy for video. He's a marketer himself so he understands what it takes to create great videos. He's been one of the best referrals I've ever gotten and he gets my highest recommendation!"

-Tiji Thomas | 7-Figure Sales Expert